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Connecting Areas

North Island at X:342 Y:215 (Northwest Exit)
North Island at X:3122 Y:235 (Northeast exit)
the Capitol at X:984 Y:2623
Jungle at X:3529 Y:1300

NPCs In the Area

Name Location Type
Amy X:242 -Y:315 Regular NPC
Fruit Grower X:882 -Y:375 Regular NPC
Elliot X:1142 -Y:635 Quest NPC
Young Honey Bee Grape Field Regular NPC
Hotel Owner X:1376 -Y:689 Save NPC
Dick X:2522 -Y:655 Quest NPC
Monte X:3042 -Y:1275 Quest NPC
Geshan X:1782 -Y:1495 Regular NPC
Aunt X:2562 -Y:1675 Quest NPC
Guard X:1132 -Y:1435
X:982 -Y:2655
Regular NPC
Yuna X:502 -Y:1615 Quest NPC
Old and Young Villager X:1944 -Y:1387 Quest NPC
Male Villager X:2156 -Y:1511 Regular NPC
Welling Village Shopkeeper X:2458 -Y:1657 Merchant NPC
Apprentice X:2458 -Y:1657 Quest NPC
Weapon Improver X:2458 -Y:1657 Scroll NPC
Armor Improver X:2458 -Y:1657 Scroll NPC
Wine Maker X:2687 -Y:1752 Quest NPC
Welling Village Propskeeper X:1392 -Y:1263 Merchant NPC
Welling Leader X:1145 -Y:1443 Quest NPC
Aer X:651 -Y:1529 Regular NPC
Tark X:433 -Y:1699 Quest NPC
Isa X:433 -Y:1699 Regular NPC
Woodcutter X:1522 -Y:2095 Quest NPC
Ervu X:1905 -Y:2196 Quest NPC


X:882 -Y:2835 Regular NPC
Dan X:1842 -Y:2315 Quest NPC
Girl X:1742 - Y:715 Quest NPC


Quest NPC Coordinate
A Guard Drinking with Friends Guard X:2942 Y:215
Auntie's Special Soup Ingredients Aunt X:2582 Y:1695
Bouquet Mission Yuna X:502 Y:1615
Dick's Wish Dick X:2642 Y:575
Evru's Puzzle Evru X:1922 Y:2155
Test in Welling Village Welling Leader X:1145 Y:1443
Auntie's Wine Villager X:1962 Y:1355
The Spirit and the Golden Axe Woodcutter X:1462 Y:2095
Jack's Blue Flower Jack X:1362 Y:655
(Second floor)
Kind Dan Dan X:1842 Y:2315
Legendary weapon Apprentice X:2462 Y:1615
Let's Be Good Friends Again Elliot X:1262 Y:735
Make a Raft Tark X:402 Y:1675
The Little Monkey and His Parents Again Orangutang X:3582 Y:1355
The Red Wine Mission Wine Maker X:2742 Y:1755
Send the Wine to Holy Village Wine Maker X:2742 Y:2095
The Squirrel Mission Monte X:3102 Y:1255


Items Coordinates
(X:62, Y:395)
Sun Mushroom
(X:3302, Y:395)
Brazil Mushroom
(X:3622, Y:915)
(X:3802, Y:1075)
Su Mushroom
(X:1862, Y:1075)
Blue Wild Flower
(X:1622, Y:2315)
(loc 1)
(loc 2)
(loc 3)

(X:2002, Y:2355)
(X:2142 - Y:2235)
(X:1982 - Y:695)
Common Grass
(loc 1)
(loc 2)

(X:1602, Y:2035)
(X:1542 - Y:1795)
(loc 1)
(loc 2)

(X:562, Y:595)
(X:1542 - Y:1795)
(X:82, Y:415)
Ordinary Wood
(X:2622, Y:1695)
Multi Bread
(X:642, Y:335)
Fruit Wine
(X:642, Y:295)
(X:382, Y:295)