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Rank (Level) Name Attribute How
2(4) Stone Ax Stone Ax ATK+7, SPD-3 Shop
3(?) Sharp Ax Sharp Ax ATK+9, SPD-3 Compounding
4(6) Adze Adze ATK+11 SPD-3 Shop
5(?) Ax Ax ATK+13, SPD-3 Compounding
6(12) Bone Ax Bone Ax ATK+15, SPD-3 Compounding
7(14) Double Blades Ax Double Blades Ax ATK+17 SPD-3 Compounding
8(14) Bronze Adze Bronze Adze ATK+19 SPD-3 Compounding
9(18) Iron Adze Iron Adze ATK+21, SPD-3 Shop, Compounding
10(20) Pure Iron Adze Pure Iron Adze ATK+23, SPD-3 Compounding
11(?) Black Ax Black Ax ATK+14, DEF+8 Shop
11(?) Steel Adze Steel Adze ATK+25, SPD-3 Compounding
12(?)           Rock Ax ATK+27, SPD -3 Shop
12(?) Copper AxCopper Ax ATK+27, SPD-3 Compounding
Red hatchet
Red Hatchet
ATK+59, SPD -3 Compounding
Iron hatchet
Iron Hatchet
ATK+19, DEF +37 Compounding


Rank Name Attribute How
2(4) Copper Sword Copper Sword ATK+2 SPD+2 Compounding
3(6) Bronze Sword Bronze Sword ATK+3 SPD+3 Shop
4(8) Iron Sword Iron Sword ATK+4 SPD+4 Shop, Compounding
5(10) Pure iron sword Pure Iron Sword ATK+5 SPD+5 Compounding
6(12)           Steel Sword ATK+6 SPD+6 Compounding
6(12)           Falchion ATK+6, DEF +6
7(14) Copper Fine Sword Copper Fine Sword ATK+7 SPD+7 Compounding
7(14) Copper Falchion Copper Falchion ATK+7 , DEF+7
8(16)            Bronze Falchion ATK+8 , DEF+8
8(16) Bronze fine sword Bronze Fine Sword ATK+8, SPD+8 Compounding
10(20) Pure Iron Fine Sword Pure Iron Fine Sword ATK+10, SPD+10 Shop
10(20) Cold Falchion Cold Falchion ATK+15, MATK+5 Shop
19(38) Skeleton Iron Sword Skeleton Iron Sword ATK+19 SPD+19


Rank Name Attribute How
2(4) Battle clawHonor Claw ATK+2 SPD+2 Quest
2(4) Copper ClawCopper Claw ATK+1 SPD+3 Compounding
3(6) Bronze Claw Bronze Claw ATK+2 SPD+4 Shop
4(8) Iron Claw Iron Claw ATK+3 SPD+5 Compounding
5(10) Pure Iron Claw Pure Iron Claw ATK+4 SPD+6 Compounding
6(12) Steel Claw Steel Claw ATK+6 SPD+6 Compounding
7(14) Boxing ClawBoxing Claw ATK+6 SPD+8 Compounding
8(16) Crazy ClawCrazy Claw ATK+7 SPD+9 Compounding
9(18)          Twin Claws ATK+8 SPD+10 Compounding
10(20)          Violent Claw ATK+9 SPD+11 Compounding
13(26) Blooded Claw Blooded Claw ATK+12 SPD+14 Shop
17(34) Crescent Claw Crescent Claw ATK+16 SPD+18


Rank Name Attribute How
2(4) Copper Knife    Copper Knife ATK+1 DEF+1 Collecting
6           Bronze Knife ATK+3 DEF+3 Compounding
8 Iron Knife Iron Knife ATK+4 DEF+4 Compounding
10(20) Cold Falchion Cold Falchion ATK +15, MATK +5 Shop
10 Pure iron knife Pure Iron Knife ATK+5 DEF+5 Compounding
12           Falchion ATK+6 DEF+6 Compounding
14 Copper Falchion Copper Falchion ATK+7 DEF+7 Compounding
16           Bronze Falchion ATK+8 DEF+8 Compounding


Rank Name Attribute How
2(4) Fine Stick Fine Stick ATK+1 DEF+3 Quest
2(4) Oak Stick Oak Stick ATK+1 DEF+3 Compounding
3(6) Lauan Stick Lauan Stick ATK+2 DEF+4 Shop
4(8) Cypress Stick Cypress Stick ATK+3 DEF+5 Compounding
6(10)           Big Oak Stick ATK+4 DEF+6 Compounding
6(12)           Big Lauan Stick ATK+5 DEF+7 Compounding
7(14) Big Cypress Stick Big Cypress Stick ATK+6 DEF+8 Shop
8(16) Thorn Stick Thorn Stick ATK+7 DEF+9 Compounding
9(18) Great Thorn Stick Great Thorn Stick ATK+8 DEF+10 Compounding
14(28) Big Stone Gavel Big Stone Gavel ATK+13 DEF+15
23(46) Thorn Gavel Thorn Gavel ATK+22 DEF+24


Rank Name Attribute How
2(4) Spear Spear ATK+4 Compounding
3(6) Great Spear Great Spear ATK+6 Shop, Compounding
4(8) War SpearWar Spear ATK+8 Compounding
5(10) Copper Spear Copper Spear ATK+10 Compounding
6(12)           Bronze Spear ATK+12 Compounding
7(14) Iron Spear Iron Spear ATK+14 Shop
8(16)          Blade Halberd ATK+16 Shop
8(16)          Pure Iron Spear ATK+16 Compounding


Due to the fact that bows boost speed but don't allow offensive skills, bows are good for support characters such as Water or Earth, but should not be the weapon of choice for Fire.

Rank Name Attribute How
4 Short Bow     Short Bow ATK+3 SPD+1 Compounding
Great bow
Great Bow
ATK+4 SPD+2 Compounding
8 Pretty Bow     Pretty Bow ATK+5 SPD+3 Compounding
Hunter's bow
Hunter's Bow
ATK+6 SPD+4 Compounding
12 Longbow     Long Bow ATK+7 SPD+5 Compounding
14 Great Long Bow
Great long bow
ATK+8 SPD+6 Compounding
Pretty long bow
Pretty Long Bow
ATK+9 SPD+7 Compounding
10(20) Meniscus Bow
Meniscus bow
ATK+11 SPD+9 Manufucture
14(28) Blessed Bow     Blessed Bow ATK+10 SPD+18 Compounding


Rank Name Attribute How
2(43) Dragon soul wand Dragon Soul Wand MAT+15 SPD+28
2(?) Thut's Wand Thut's Wand MATK +40 Quest
2(4)           Honor Wand MATK+2 MDEF+2 Quest
2(4) Magical Wand Magical Wand MATK+2 MDEF+2 Compounding
3(6) Magical Wand Mage's Wand MATK+3 MDEF+3 Shop
4(8) Wizard's Wand Wizard's Wand MATK+4 MDEF+4 Shop
5(10) Teeth Wand Teeth Wand MATK+5 MDEF+5 Compounding
6(12) Red Wand  Red Wand MATK+6 MDEF+6 Compounding
7(14)          Golden Wand MATK+7 MDEF+7 Compounding
8(16)          Globe Wand MATK+8 MDEF+8 Compounding
8(16)          Feather Staff MATK+8 MDEF+8 Shop
9(18) Tin Staff Tin Staff MATK +9, MDEF +9 Shop
9(18)           Stone Wand MATK+13 DEF+5 Shop
9(18)           Turquoise Wand MATK +18 Shop
9(18)           Crystal Blue Wand MATK+12, MDEF+6 Shop
12(24) Emerald Staff Emerald Staff MATK+12 MDEF+12 Compounding, Shop
Forest staff
 Forest Staff
MATK+25 SPD+11 Shop
20(40) Fly Wand Fly Wand MATK +40
21(42)           Fragrant Wand MATK+21 MDEF+21
24(48) Thunder Wand Thunder Wand SPD+30 MDEF+18
27(54) Shining Staff Shining Staff MATK +54
(56) Dragon Wand Dragon Wand MATK+30 SPD+26
29(58)           Black Wand MATK+40 ATK+18
29(58) Jade Wand Jade Wand MATK+29, SPD+29


Rank Name Attribute How
2(4) Arquebus Arquebus ATK +10 Manufacture
3(6) Great Gun Great Gun ATK +15 Manufacture
4(8) Long Arquebus Long Arquebus ATK +20 Manufacture
5(10) Dragon Gun Dragon Gun ATK +25 Manufacture
MAXHP+100, ATK +45 Quest
6(12) Rifle Rifle ATK +30 Manufacture
7(14) Assault Rifle Assault Rifle ATK +35 Manufacture
8(16) Bazooka Bazooka ATK +40 Manufacture
9(18) Great Bazooka Great Bazooka ATK +45 Manufacture
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