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She is found in China!

Victoria.jpg School Fire
Special Equipment Sword
Special Equipment Stats: Atk +28, Spd +32
Special Equipment Rank: None
Special Equipment Description: None
Skill 1 Fire Strike
Skill 2 Fiery Attack
No description available.


  • Fire Strike
    • SP: 28
    • Max Grade: 8
    • Attack Way: Single Target
    • Description: Multiple cuts + Explosion
  • Fiery Attack
    • SP: 31
    • Max Grade: 10
    • Attack Way: Atk Buff
    • Description: Increase Atk of Target

How To Obtain

No information is available.



Master Sanbo, where are you?

Marine Exploration


King Certification

Step1:Go to Zheng He's fleet

Step2:Talk with Zheng He and go down and talk with chinese guard in first room then go back to Zheng He again but now he's lost! You will see 2 chinese guards sleeping so go and talk to them then go down again. You will see a chinese guard in this room sleeping too so talk to him talk with him then Victoria will come and she will think you are the pirate who attacked her father (Zheng He) then you'll have to fight.

Step3:After you won,Victoria will run. You must talk with the chinese guard in the room again and click the paper on the table

Step4:Go to Ancient Yazhou

Step5:Go in the cave and go to 2nd floor.

Step6: You will see a lot of pirates and a tied Zheng He. The pirates will ask Victoria to give them 500000 gold but Victoria will refuse and she will ask you to defeat the pirates.

Step7:After you won and freed Zheng He, Victoria will know you are not a pirate and Zheng He will tell you take Victoria for with you. Victoria will join your team!