Church Cellar

Target: The house closest to the Holy Village entrance

Prerequisite: The Initial Trial, Roca in party


  • When Roca leaves your party, make sure to grab the Maid's Uniform on the bed for later use. Go to the church and view a scene, starting the Unbelievers quest.
  • After the scene, Abba recommends you see the village leader to ask for the key to the church's basement.
  • Go to the Holy Leader's house to speak with him, then try to leave the house. The housekeeper will point you to a corner of the room. Hover over the bricks here to locate one that you can interact with, finding the key hidden in the wall.
  • Return to the church and use the key on the trapdoor.
  • In the basement, navigate through the first area. In the second area, the first door will take you to Roca, and the second door will take you to the aboriginal prisoners for Unbelievers.
  • When you try to leave with Roca, you will be ambushed by three level 28 Guards. It is recommended you bring a party to defeat them if you are under level 20.
  • However, if you saved Holy Village as your spawn point earlier, you can spawn your way out of needless death.


Roca's amity +5


This is a good quest to do alongside Unbelievers, as both quests require going to the basement of the church.

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