Church Cellar

Target: Enter the Holy Village's Church


  • After the scene, Abba recommends you see the Holy Leader to ask for the key to the church's basement.
  • Go to the Holy Leader's house to speak with him, then try to leave the house. The housekeeper will point you to a corner of the room. Hover over the bricks here to locate one that you can interact with, finding the key hidden in the wall.
  • Return to the church and use the key on the trapdoor.
  • In the basement, navigate through the first area. In the second area, the farthest door will lead to the aboriginal prisoners.
  • Three level 25 Jailers will ambush you. It is recommended that if you are below level 20, you have a party to help you.
  • Once they are defeated, release the prisoners and leave the basement.
  • Speak with Abba before you leave the church. Choose the first option, triggering a battle against two level 26 Guards.


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