There are 12 different statistics in all. 5 are directly affected by equipment and by the other 5 stats. These 5 stats are listed under the "Battle stats" and are: ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, and SPD. These stats cannot be changed but directly adding or subtracting points to each field. The stats STR, CON, INT, WIS, and AGI are listed under "Personal stats" and can all be changed by the player when he receives 3 stat points each time he/she levels. These stat point changes cannot be reversed so choose wisely! The last two stats are HP and SP, they are listed under "Status Stats". These 2 stats gradually increase when you level. They can also be increased by adding points to other stats.

Battle StatsEdit

These stats are most easily changed through equipment. They also will be effected by the value of different Personal Stats.

Stat Means



ATK Attack STR Increases Physical damage dealt
DEF Defense CON Decreases Physical damage received
MAT Magic Attack INT Increases Magical damage dealt,Increases Seal Resist, Increases Seal Rate
MDF Magic Defense WIS Decreases Magical damage received, Increases Seal Resist
SPD Speed AGI Determines Who goes first in a battle

Personal StatsEdit

These are the stats that you can increase by an amount of 3 each time you level. Once you put these Stat Points you receive into a stat and confirm it, it will stay there forever. Make sure to increase your stats depending on what kind of fighter you want to be and which section of the Attribute Skills you wish to go into. Evening them all out is about the worst thing you can do.

Stat Means Increases Details
STR Strength ATK Important for players using Physical Attacks
CON Constitution DEF, HP Important for Tank Players
INT Intelligence MAT Important for players using Magical Attacks
WIS Wisdom MDF, SP Important for learning Wisdom spells
AGI Agility SPD Good for Wind players, or PK built players

Stat PointsEdit

Each time a character levels up, he/she receives 3 stat points in which the player can distribute into any of the Personal Stat fields. This is the only way a player may increase his/her Personal Stats.

Status StatsEdit

These affect how long your character can last. They always include a Current amount/Max amount reading. The max amount does not decrease from battles but is the max amount of that stat that you can have at a time. The max amount can be increased through some Personal Stats.

Stat Means Details
HP Health Points Damage taken decreases the current amount, When it reaches 0 you die
SP Spell Points Spell usage decreases the current amount, When it reaches 0 spells can't be performed