Completed: Met Joan for the 1st time, Fighting, Travel around France, Trapped Knight, Merlin's Test, Scary Affair, Kill Dragon. Guiding Stone + Knight's Badge in inventory.


  • In Domremy, talk to the Merchant standing outside the hotel. (You may need to go back to the Kill Dragon quest area to talk to Merlin again to receive the Guiding Stone for the second time)
  • Head out of Domremy, and take the eastern portal in this area. Then continue and take the eastern portal again to reach Dorjas Jungle where you should see a '?'.
  • Head to the back of the area to the '?' and you see Joan tied up to and about to be killed. Talk to the people here to start a fight.
  • Stats:
    [Dark Knight--Kirk, LVL:182, HP:43500, Water], [Shadow Hill Monster, LVL:145, HP:12850, Earth], [Shadow Tiger, LVL:150, HP:13580, Fire]
  • After the fight, Joan will join your team - although her name changes to 'Jeanne'


  • Joan(Jeanne) joins your team
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