Roca School Fire
Special Equipment Machete
Special Equipment Stats: Atk +10, Def +10
Special Equipment Rank: 20
Special Equipment Description: Roca's unique personal knife, like a curving moon.
Skill 1 Five Star Hit Five Star Hit
Skill 2 Tulwar Tulwar
The free-spirited daughter of the Kelan village leader.


  • Five Star Hit Five Star Hit
    • SP: 37
    • Max Grade: 10
    • Attack Way: Near attack
    • Description: 5 Pointed Star Bash. As its name suggests, the Attack finishes in the form of a star. The First Four hits do not so much damage. The Fifth and last hit does a HUGE amount of damage which will probably instantly kill the target (If it is of a low enough Level). Uses 37 sp., so you must use it only when it is absolutely necessary. When upgraded to Max Proficiency, it can be very deadly and useful against later creatures.
  • Tulwar Tulwar
    • SP: 18
    • Max Grade: 8
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: Hurt target with Blade Power. A Huge boomerang-like sword thrown at the target causing a great enough Deal of Damage to the opponent, probably killing it or just having the target lose lots of HP. With a cost of 17 sp., it's definitely something to use frequently once you have gathered lots of max SP.

How To Obtain

Once you have entered Kelan Village, go to the house close to the Pig Pen, with the two guards out front. The Village Leader will present you with a Quest and Roca will join your Team until the end of the Quest in Kelan Cave. After you have taken the scroll to Roca's Father, the Village Leader, Roca will leave your Team. If you talk to her again, she'll rejoin your Team.

Additional Info

In later Quests, you will encounter lots of adventure with Roca. You'll have a Quest where her Father dies, another one where she is blamed for killing a Holy Villager and more. Also during Death of Roca's Father you will notice the man who killed her father is Frederico. You may also see Roca's Determination for more amity. After you've completed Frederico Quest and have obtained him, then you may complete Roca's Death.



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