*Place: Mayan Forest
  • A3
    Target: Wounded man
  • Condition: None
*Reward: 10% EXP Capsule; Cherish Necklace, and Qlaya
  • Process:
    • Walk close to the question mark on the top left of Mayan forest map.
    • The scene will automatically start, at the end Qlaya’s brother wants you to save Qlaya before he dies.
    • At the altar in the Mayan Tribe, click the special stone on the wall, the path of cellar will appear, enter into it. On the way you will find a little game “emblaze the fire”. The answer of the game is:


Blue, Blue

Green, Green, Green

Red, Red


Qlaya Hpet


  • After the door opens, you will need to beat 2 monsters (Stone Monster lv91 with HP11,275; Huge Mountain Monster lv87 with HP10,530)
  • After battle with monsters, talk to the priest, and start the first round. (lv 91, non-attribute, HP 10,425) and his guard(lv95, earth attribute, HP1,405)
  • Second round will start automatically after talking; the priest will become an ET, then beat 8 ET (priest: lv91, HP27510; other ET: lv 100, HP922)
    NOTE: If you are defeated in the second round, he will return to his default and you will start from first round.
  • Go back to Qlaya’s brother, he will make you promise to take care of Qlaya in the future before he dies. After his death, Qlaya joins into your team.
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