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During your adventure in Wonderland, you will have the opportunity to have many different "pets" join you. These pets will fight by your side in battle, gaining experience and leveling up. Each pet has different attributes and skills, so strategically choosing the proper pet for a particular fight or groups can give you an advantage. However, Wonderland is a game with a changing story, and certain pets may leave you under varying circumstances as you progress through the quests.

You can have up to four pets following you at one time. Of the pets currently with you, only one can be ridden or participate in battles with you at a time. You may change your pet from "Rest", "Battle" or "Ride" from the group window. Changing your battle pet during a battle will result in the loss of a turn. Additional pets may be stored and retrieved from certain NPCs in towns.

Human pets are generally preferred due to their stronger skills and more advanced growth. Near the beginning of the game you will have the opportunity to choose one of four different animal pets (excluding the monkey). These four pets may be used for the game's express system after you have reached level 10.

Pet Amity

Each pet has an amity score that reflects its disposition towards you. Every time your pet dies, it will lose amity and like you a little less. Amity may be increased by leveling up your pet, completing certain pet-specific quests, or using items such as Love Bouquets which are acquired from completing the Bouquet Mission in Welling Village. You can also use a Toy Puppet to prevent amity loss upon death.

The lower your pet's amity, the higher the chances of it running away in battle, leaving you to fight on your own. If the pet's amity drops below 20, it may also leave your group, returning to the place where you found it in the last quest you did that it appeared in.

Express System

When you reach Welling Village, you may complete the quest Evru's Puzzle to acquire one of the four animal pets (Lala, Tabby Cat, Persian Cat, Shiba Inu) capable of expressing items. The Express system serves as delivery system where you can send items, but not letters or money, to online players on the same server and branch as you. For example, if you are on Aries2, you can express items to other players on Aries2, but not on Aries1. You must be at least level 10 before you can use the express system. > For Walk Through: Evru's Pets ( Express )

   Human Pets

Roca  Roca Xaolan  Xaolan
Nissface Niss Enrei2 Victoria
Airinface2  Elin 20090503021931e3c  Hayate
Kanaface2  Kanako Sasyaface2  Shasha
20100416010506ed2 Athena Nakiface  Qlaya
2009072201184114b  Shizune 20090827232822cf0  Eva
Anjeraface Angela Huriface  Frederico
20090211210418  Sam 20100216225700456  Joan (Jeanne)
201004172257068b8  Venus
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Magellan Magellan


Animal Pets

Monster Pets

In addition to the above, almost any monster in the game may be captured and made into a pet. Monsters can be captured via the "Capture" command in battle, provided that you are within 5 levels or above their level. This may not work on certain storyline or boss type monsters.

Rebirth Pets

List of pets who are able to use the pet rebirth system once they have reached level 100 and completed their death quests.

Temporary Pets

A list of temporary pets, or pets that will leave you after a certain point in the game.

  • Angela will become unavailable after you defeat a certain quest NPC.
  • Charlotte will become unavailable after you defeat a certain quest NPC.
  • Shasha becomes unavailable during a quest at Maya.

Permanent Pets

Pets that don't leave you or die, in the order they are obtained:

  • Arez is bonded to you in return for giving a Dinosaur Egg to a professor.
  • Eva decides she's not welcome back to "hell" and stays with you.
  • Louis wants to explore the world with you, and won't leave.
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