Location: Snow Island, Demon Icehouse

Reward: Star x1, 15% Capsule.


  • Enter Snow Island and walk through all the floors until the 5th. Here you will see multiple path choices.
  • Go into the lowest portal on the 5th floor and continue through floors 6 and 7 until you reach the Demon Icehouse.
  • Go forward in this room to trigger a fight with 3 groups of 8 Snowmen. Snowmen range from levels 66 to 68 with HP 635 to 672. All 4 elements will appear in each group. There will be a break in between each group to heal up.
  • After defeating the Snowmen continue into the next room to fight Medusa. Click on the "treasure" to trigger the fight.
    • Medusa is level 150, HP 15000, Earth.
    • Her minions are as follows:
      • Fire, level 94, HP 1038.
      • Wind, level 93, HP 1023.
      • Earth, level 98, HP 1018.
      • Water, level 97, HP 1050.
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