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Oslya is an island located northeast of north island. Oslya is inhabited by dinosaurs and is a  prehistoric paradise. Oslya has several caves near its entrance that contains many collection "pools" (such as crude oil, clay, and ores).

How to get to Oslya

To reach Oslya, go to the beach southwest of the lake in north island. Then take a raft (a boat works too since it is not a long trip) and sail out into the world map and sail northwest until you reach a giant island with a sign (saying jurrasic park) that is located near the bottom, that is the entrance.


Monsters in Oslya are extremely powerful and typically include dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Pteradactyls. Though they are powerful, they should be fairly easy to beat if you have a Bazooka. You can only get a Pteradactyl from the Item Mall, as it cannot be caught.

Monsters Level Drop
Disguise Snake 51 Poisonous Liquid
Disguise Cameleon 52 Juicy Peach
Cold Velociraptor 62
Blue Velociraptor 60 Chicken
Red Velociraptor 59



Swift Velociraptor 62 Lamb
Yellow Velociraptor 59

Dinosaur Tooth


Yellow Pterosaur Eggs
Green Velociraptor 60
Bloody Velociraptor 61 Chicken
Thick Velociraptor 61
Red Pterosaur 52
Green Pterosaur 57-60 Quail Eggs
Blue Pterosaur 57-62


Bird Meat

Blue Stegosaurus 66
Red Stegosaurus 65
Yellow Stegosaurus 65
Green Stegosaurus 66
Blue Triceratops 70
Red Triceratops 69
Green Triceratops 70 Tea
Yellow Triceratops 69
Drowcrusher 90
Echinate Starfish 53-54

Starfish Tentacles

Yellow Croaker

Eel Fish

Old Seaflower 50-51 Shrimp
Perpetual Jellyfish 54
Electric Jellyfish 15
Torrid Jellyfish 14 Sea Water
Poisonous Flower 70
Blue Flower 70
Golden Flower (Monster) 70


Third cave from the right at X: 1102 Y: 495.

Items to collect:

Aluminum, Quartz, Pure Iron Ore, Copper and Iron.

Fourth cave from the right at X: 4242 Y: 995

Items to collect:

Crude Oil, Black Clay, Bluestone.

Second cave from the right:

There is a Props shopkeeper in the left inside, an hotel owner straight forward (options are consign pet NPC, accommodation and access to items, not save the record), and to the right inside, there is a weapon shopkeeper who sells Cold Falchion for 280 Gold (for lvl20), Tin Staff for 240 Gold (for lvl18), Iron Adze for 240 Gold (for lvl18), Hunting Boots for 280 Gold (for lvl20) and Great Gloves for 320 Gold (for lvl22).

NPCs In the Area

Props Shopkeeper

Item Price
Australian Bread 50
Meatballs 100
Fruit Wine 130
Lauan Wood 50
Ordinary Wood 30

Weapons Shopkeeper

Item Price
Cold Falchion 280
Tin Staff 240
Iron Adze 240
Hunting Boots 280
Great Gloves 320