Niss Danger - 1st
Niss Danger - 2nd

WARNING!!!: Before the quest, take off every item off Niss. You will lose them otherwise!

When you stay at the Welling Village Inn by going to the second floor (first if you're British), Niss will go to sleep if she was with you, afterwads you will be told by yourself to visit the Welling village leaders house [X:1142, Y:1455], after talking to the leader, head outside, and there will be a cut-scene, where an angry mob is about to roast poor Niss on the fire! After the whole cut-scene you try to save her by battling with two Presbyter's Pawns (Lvl: 10, Hp: 110, Element: Earth). After you're done dispatching the pawns, the village elder will step in and break up the mob, letting the two of you go, and giving you a free stay at the inn. Make sure you click on Niss to get her to rejoin you.

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