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Niss.jpg School Water
Special Equipment Lucy's Staff.png Lucy's Staff
Special Equipment Stats: MATK +25, SP +100
Special Equipment Rank: 35
Special Equipment Description: Wielded by the great and powerful Lucy
Skill 1 Sky Thunder.gif Sky Thunder
Skill 2 Magic Recovery.gif Magic Recovery


  • Sky Thunder.gif Sky Thunder
    • SP: 110
    • Max Grade: Unknown
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: Hurt multiple targets with thunder. Giant Bolts of Blue Lightning are conjured onto the target and causes Massive Damage. At the cost of 110sp, it's definitely something to use only in case of an Emergency. But if you have lots of SP recovery materials, you can use it more often. It is upgradeable so the Damage your enemy takes can greatly increase as Niss Levels up. But only a skill to consider when needed. It hits additional targets as the grade increases.
  • Magic Recovery.gif Magic Recovery
    • SP: 26
    • Max Grade: Unknown
    • Attack Way: Aid Skill
    • Description: Recover party player's SP in a single round. When it reaches the highest level, it can be applied to players in three different parties.

How To Obtain

At the north island , you'll see a small question mark located at the top right corner in your map (X:5262 Y:675). Go to that place and you'll find a young girl sleeping under the big tree. Wake her up, you'll see a scenery and she will join you.


For more detailed info go to: The Mysterious Girl quest page.



  • Niss suffers from amnesia, which is why she cannot speak properly. Her real name is hinted to be Lucy, based on Lucy's Staff.
  • She is Frederico's younger sister, he must have left her there in the big tree.