Conditions: Frederico & Roca both must be in your team. Completed King HowertRoca's Determination, Undeserved RocaParting & Vanished Villager

Note: Must to do this quest before Frederico reborn


  • In Ghost Isle, head to the same area as where you fought Frederico. Mooter will be standing at the altar, go up and talk to him and you will begin fighting his guards.
  • Stats:
    [Guard, LVL:88-89, HP:954-1025, All]*4 +4 respawn
  • After this fight, he will send summon an Evil Snake Woman to fight you.
  • Stats
    [Evil Snake Woman, LVL:120, HP:27510, Fire], [Poisonous Snake, LVL:80, HP:986, All]*7 +1 respawn
  • After defeating the Snake Woman, you will try to run away. The Snake Woman summons guards to stop you and Roca tries to hold off a group by herself.
    Roca will then meet up with you outside, and falls to the ground with arrows in her back & dies.


  • Amber Earrings*1
  • Star*4
  • Roca Dies
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