Completed: The Awakened Dark Sword. Have Eva and Angela in team.


  • Go to Kyoto, Japan.
  • Go to the Cherry Forest behind Kyoto.
  • Go into the portal on the left of the map..


  • Not far into entering the portal, you will get a scene with Eva and Angela.
  • Walk further again and Angela will say she smells another Angel.
  • Continue walking and enter the cave.
  • Using the picture provided, go into the red circle. Walk to the right and up to pull the first switch.
  • Go back to the first map and go into the blue circle to go down stairs. Pull the switch directly south of the stairs you've just come down.
  • Go back to the first map and go into the red circle again. This time go to the left and slightly down to pull the last switch.
  • Go back to the first map and go into the yellow circle. If everything is done correctly, the door should be open.
  • Go through the door and into the next area. Follow the path to find the armlet.
  • Clicking on the armlet will begin the fight.
  • After the fight, pick up the armlet and Misia will speak to you.

Monster Stats

  • Guardian Boss:
    • LVL140 Fire
    • HP 34500
    • Spawns a Spirit upon death.
  • Spirits:
    • LVL 100
    • HP 16355 - 16800
    • Water and Winds do not seal.
    • Earths and Fires have Terra and Mess.


  • 3% EXP Capsule x 1
  • Light Armband, Star x 1
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