Mining is a skill that allows you to obtain materials to use in compounding or manufacturing.

Mining SkillEdit

  • You will obtain the skill after completing the quest: Miner Without Ore
  • The skill will go up every time you mine an item.
  • Skill will also increase by using the vacuum. However, when you use the vacuum, you will only collect one ore every five minutes.

Mining Spots by AreasEdit

North IslandEdit

KaMa Cave at Coordinates on first floor (X: 3982, Y: 1975)
Items Obtained:Copper OreTin OreGalenaAluminum Ore

Subway at Coordinates (X: 2442 Y: 615)
Items Obtained:Yellow ClayDry ClayClayQuartzSaltpeter

South IslandEdit

MaKa Cave Floor 1 at Coordinates (X: 4882, Y: 1355)
Items Obtained:Pure Iron OreCopper OreRed ClayAluminum OreQuartz


Cave(3)? Floor 1 at Coordinates (X:1042, Y:635)
Items Obtained:Pure Iron OreQuartzCopper OreIron OreAluminum Ore

Cave(4)Floor 1 at Coordinates (X:4222, Y:975)
Items Obtained:Crude OilBlack ClayBlue Stone

Revival IsleEdit

Coordinates (X: 4062, Y: 2815)
Items Obtained:Common StoneShaleMica RockGraniteSulfurCoal Ore


Cave Floor ? Coordinates (X: 2242, Y: 435)
Items Obtained:Black ClayGold OreTitaniumMercury


Snake Cave Floor ? Coordinates (X: 2242, Y: 435)
Items Obtained:RubySapphireEmeraldRed Clay


Cave Floor ? Coordinates (X:1002, Y:1195)
Items Obtained:Black ClayPink CrystalAnthmystRed ClayWhite Crystal


Cave Floor 3 Coordinates (X: 3622, Y: 2215)
Items Obtained:White JadePurple JadeRed JadeWater JadeBlack Jade

Mayan ForestEdit

Cave Floor ? Coordinates (X: 2943, Y: 2515)
Items Obtained:White SilveryShaleSilvery OreBluestone

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