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Melting Furnace.png
Type: Instrument
Size: 3x4
Item Rank: 2
Description: One of the instrument which can melt the material.


Item Manufacturing time Materials
Metal Gear 3 Minutes 1x Steel, 3x Firewood
Round Saw 2 Minutes 1x Iron Material, 2x Firewood
Cable 2 Minutes 2x Iron Ore, 3x Firewood, 3x Rubber
Special Nail 6x 1 Minute 1x Iron Material, 2x Firewood
Nail 6x 2 Minutes 1x Iron Material, 1x Firewood
Enamel Wire 2 Minutes 1x Copper Ore, 2x Rubber, 2x Firewood
Wire 2 Minutes 1x Iron Ore, 1x Firewood
Copper 1 Minute 2x Copper Sand, 1x Firewood
Titanium Alloy 4 Minutes 5x Charcoal, 2x Sulfur, 3x Steel, 2x Gold Sand, 1x White Silvery
Lamp 4 Minutes 1x Glass, 2x Filament, 3x Wire
Hydrogen Generator 4 Minutes 3x Vitriol, 3x Copper Sand, 2x Iron Material, 2x Firewood
Iron Shell 3 Minutes 2x Iron Material
Alloy 5 Minutes 1x Steel, 1x Copper Plate, 1x Aluminum Plate
Hot Kiln 4 Minutes 5x Yellow Clay, 6x Grey Clay, 4x Firewood
Training Platform 4 Minutes 2x Black Clay, 2x Iron Material, 6x Firewood
Copper Sand 2 Minutes 1x Copper Ore, 2x Firewood
Copper Block 2 Minutes 3x Copper Ore, 4x Firewood
Copper Material 2 Minutes 2x Copper Block, 4x Firewood
Iron Block 2 Minutes 3x Iron Ore, 3x Firewood
Iron Fillet 2 Minutes 2x Iron Ore, 3x Firewood
Iron Material 2 Minutes 2x Iron Ore, 2x Firewood
Tin Block 2 Minutes 3x Tin Ore, 4x Firewood
Tin Material 2 Minutes 2x Tin Block, 3x Firewood
Galena Block 2 Minutes 2x Galena, 2x Firewood
Lead Plate 2 Minutes 1x Galena Block, 3x Firewood
Aluminum Block 2 Minutes 3x Aluminum Ore, 4x Firewood

How to obtain


Made with: Low-Temperature Kiln
Making time: 2 Min.

Image Item
Black Clay.png 4 x Black Clay
Yellow Clay.png 2 x Yellow Clay
Iron Ore.png 1 x Iron Ore
Firewood.png 5 x Firewood