Condition: Pirate Who Turns Over New Leaf, A Man in the Bar, have Clive in the team.


  • Sail from South Island, past Cook's Fleet (X:7660, Y:9815) in a south-eastern direction til you arrive at Magellan's Fleet (X:8869, Y:10580).
  • Battle with Bo-sun and his 2 pirates, (1k+800HP) and he tells you to return to the Pirate Den (Where you got Clive).
  • This time, go to the south portal on the left.
Magellan Quest 2

  • Then again to the next portal onto the ship.
Magellan Quest

  • Go below deck and enter the first room possible, with Clive on battle mode, talk to Magellan (If he isn't on battle mode Magellan wont talk) - a fight begins with 8 pirates, kill them and head back upstairs. Talk to the pirates and battle again (8 pirates with respawn).


  • Magellan joins team
  • Star*1
  • 10% Capsule*1


Do this quest before killing Frederico at Revival Isle if you want Magellan... Otherwise it will cost stars to revive Clive.

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