Special Equipment Magellan's Sword
Special Equipment Stats: Atk +24, MaxHp+50
Special Equipment Rank: 12
Special Equipment Description: A sword commonly used by Magellan.
Skill 1 Boulder Hit
Skill 2 Shield Defense
No description available.


  • Boulder Hit
    • SP: 23
    • Max Grade: 12
    • Attack Way: Near
    • Description: Destroys everything with rock.
  • Shield Defense
    • SP: 15
    • Max Grade: 10
    • Attack Way: Assist
    • Description: Increases fed. defense shortly.

How To Obtain

Magellan (EARTH) 1. Firstly, you must have got Clive, and completed Ferdinand's quest in the bar in Holy Village. You need Clive in team, and the King Certificate. 2. Sail from South Island, past Cook's Fleet in a southeast direction to land on Magellan's Fleet (see map if you're having difficulty finding it). 3. Talk to Bo-sun and fight him with his 2 guards (1K + 800HP), after defeating them he will tear up your King Certificate - thus you cannot land on this ship again. Leave the ship for the pirate den. 4. Head back to the cave on South Island's coast, this time go to the door in the southwest. Talk to the pirates at the door and enter inside. Make your way to the far portal and you will see a ship. 5. Get aboard the ship and go below deck, set Clive to battle mode and enter the first room you can. Talk to Magellan (not possible without Clive on battle) and a battle will commence with 8 pirates (around 800HP), kill them and go back upstairs. 6. Talk to Magellan and the pirates again, and fight with them. Magellan will join you in battle so you can only have maximum of 3 in your team here. Kill the pirates (8 of them with 800HP, they respawn once). Magellan joins your team and you also gain a star.

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