Low-Temperature Kiln
Type: Instrument
Size: 4x4
Item Rank: 2
Description: It can make fire items with low temperature.


Item Time Materials
Water Pipe Water pipe 1 Min. 1x Acrylic Plate
Rectifier Line Rectifier Line 1 Min. 1x Copper, 1x Wire,
2x Original Rubber
Coal Block Coal Block 16 Min. 8x Coal, 4x Tar
Charcoal Charcoal 1 Min. 1x Firewood
Brick Brick 1 Min. 1x Clay, 2x Firewood
Rubber Rubber 1 Min. 2x Original Rubber
Wires Wires 1 Min. 2x Copper, 2x Original Rubber, 1x Firewood
Demon Fur Demon Fur 2 Min. 3x White Fox Fur,
6x Funny Feather,
8x Sheepskin,
5x Beast Fur
Melting Furnace Melting Furnace 2 Min. 4x Black Clay,
2x Yellow Clay,
1x Iron Ore,
5x Firewood
Whetstone Whetstone 1 Min. 2x Grey Clay,
2x Firewood
Kitchen Range Kitchen Range 1 Min. 4x Dry Clay, 8x Brick, 5x Firewood
Smoke Tool Smoke Tool 1 Min. 2x Black Clay, 4x Brick, 2x Firewood
Kerosene Kerosene 3 Min. 4x Coal Ball, 1x Oil

How to obtain


Made with: Coconut basin Coconut Basin
Making time: 1 Min.


After manufacturing, this item goes straight to your tent floor, not your inventory.

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