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Starting NPC: Boy walking nearby the right pyramid - Mayan Tribe (Coordinates - X:{{{X}}} Y:{{{Y}}})
Conditions: {{{Conditions}}}
Items Needed: *Pre-quest: The Door God's Trail
  • Niss in your party and 2 Sealed Beads in your inventorie.
Reward: 10% EXP Capsule x1 Niss' Amity increases 10 x(10+ amity for your Niss) [[{{{Reward3}}}]] x{{{Qty3}}} [[{{{Reward4}}}]] x{{{Qty4}}} [[{{{Reward5}}}]] x{{{Qty5}}}


  • Use a flying vehicle fly up to the top of the building which is beside a group of Fighters. Enter the building walk to the end. A fight will break out after putting all sealed bead on the altar

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