You acquire all of these skills through quest and experience gets put into these skills simply by doing them. Leveling the skills help you to collect/create high level items.


This skill allows you to compound items and make different kinds of weapons. You can always compound without this skill, but without Alchemy it is difficult to make various kinds of weapons. To receive Primary Alchemy, you must complete the quest, Legendary Weapon.

NOTE: See Compounding Guide for more informations.


Throughout the game there are locations that give items every few minutes. With a Vacuum Cleaner, you can automatically receive an item from that location every 5 minutes.

This skill is acquired from the The Busy Old Farmer quest in south island

NOTE: For a list of collection locations, see the Collecting page.


Goes along with collecting wood. Simply go up to a stump that highlights when you move the mouse over it (it also looks different than the other stumps), move close enough, and click on it. This skill is acquired through the Axeman with a Broken Axe quest.

NOTE: For a list of cutting locations, see the Cutting page.


Allows you to fish. You need a Fishing Rod in order to fish, and any body of water. This skill is acquired by going through the Fish Food Quest. Use the fishing rod near a body of water, and you'll fish. if you have this skill then you get better fish when fishing


This Life Skill is acquired by completing the Miner Without Ore quest. To use this skill, simply click on a mineral deposit to acquire some of the many things that they dish out. You do earn xp when using a vacuum cleaner.

NOTE: For a list of mining locations, see the mining page.
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