• In Persia, walk to around [X:3250, Y:850] and talk to Lacey. Agree to help her find her boyfriend who has gone inside the palace to look for Kusarikku's Heart.
  • Go inside the palace and then enter the door on the left. Continue through the areas until you reach the end (one way). You will see statue of a monster and statue of a man.
  • Click on the statue of a monster and you will have to fight it.
  • Stats:
    [Parth, LVL:180, HP:56850, SP:22000, Earth]*1, [Kusarikku, LVL:164-170, HP:28350, SP:3500, All]*3 +9? respawns
    This fight was extremely hard as they spammed seals. Highly recommend using Baked Potatoes or Attack Pestle to stop them sealing and then using earth for Stone Wall because their damage is massive.
  • After the fight, Lacey's boyfriend will need a Life Crystal. After giving him a Life Crystal, head back to Lacey and you can get your reward.


  • 5% EXP Capsule*1
  • Forgotten Scroll*1
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