Condition: Completed Scary Affair & Merlin's Trial. Knight's Badge in inventory


  • From Cornwall, exit east into the Stonewall Plain. Walk to the next map, and then the next map again until you reach 'Megalith Attack Area'.
  • Walk up and you will see some Villagers, Guards and a Priest about to sacrifice a little boy. Talk to them and Merlin will come and say a Dragon will be woken if they continue.
  • Now in this map, head to [X:1850, Y:200] and enter the next map. Walk straight ahead until you reach a stone door. Click on it and you will have to play a numbers memory mini-game to unlock it.
  • Inside the first room of the cave are many exits, the exit to take is at [X:3450, Y:1800]. The next room is the same with many exits, and the exit to take is [X:500, Y:1000].
  • Follow the next map through to the exit and you will enter the dragons den, click on the dragon to start a fight.
  • Stats:
    [Huge Dragon, LVL:170, HP:29000, Fire]*1, [Dragon, LVL:111-117, HP:11200-12000, All]*4 +3 respawns
  • After the fight, head back to the 'Megalith Attack Area' and the Huge Dragon will be there in the middle, talk to it to start fighting it again - this time it is twice as strong.
    I recommend wearing Ice Packs/Fixed Sticks for players with under 2500 HP, as you will get spawned very easily.
  • Stats:
    [Huge Red Dragon, LVL:195, HP:53500, Fire]*1, [Dragon, LVL:142-150, HP:33000-35000, All]*4 +7 respawns
  • Formation
# Back # Front
1 X 5 Dragon (Wind/Earth/Water)
2 Huge Red Dragon (Fire) / Dragon (Fire) 6 X
3 X 7 Dragon (Water/Fire/Earth)
4 Dragon (Earth/Wind) 8 Dragon (Fire/Water)
  • After the fight you will get your reward. You need to leave and (I think) go to Domremy and start Saint Joan quest and then return back to this quest area to talk to Merlin, to obtain another Guiding Stone. It is needed for the Saint Joan quest.


  • 5% EXP Capsule*1
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