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NPCs In the Area Edit

Name Location Type
Mary Lou (X:722, Y:835) Villager
Emilie (X:1762, Y:735) Villager
Doll (X:1082, Y:1515) Quest NPC
Astrologian Inside Civilian's House (X:1602, Y:2055) Quest NPC
Props Shopkeeper (X:962, Y:675) Merchant
Witch Doctor (X:1000, Y:695) Record NPC
Props Keeper (X:1242, Y:815) Item Storer
Xaolan Inside Civilian's House (X:1293, Y:1061) Pet/Quest NPC
Lina (X:642, Y:1200) Quest NPC
Boll (X:862, Y:1490) Villager
Jack (X:1122, Y:1555) Villager
Stock Keeper (X:1942, Y:1495) Item Storer
Weapons Shopkeeper (X:2522, Y:1975) Merchant
Kelan Leader Inside Civilian's House (X:1662, Y:1515) Quest NPC
Roca Inside Civilian's House (X:1662, Y:1515) Pet/Quest NPC

Quests Edit

Quest NPC Coordinate
The Lost Dog Lina X:702 Y:1235
Pig Taking a Walk Villager X:2162 Y:1595
Pig's Nightmare Pig X:2402 Y:1695
Unknown Fate Astrologian Inside House
(X:1602 Y:2055)
Ill Grandfather Villager Inside House (1095 Y:1397)
Grandparent and Grandchild Who Are Robbed Hijacker Inside House (X:1293 Y:1061)
Dinner Incident Doll (X:1082, Y:1515)
Emilie's Age Emilie (X:1782 Y:755)
The Initial Trial Kelan Leader Inside House
(X:1662, Y:1515)
Hit Rabbits Rabbit X:1862 Y:1055

Collecting Edit

Items Coordinates
Ham Ham Inside House (X:1095 Y:1397)
Ordinary Wood Ordinary Wood Inside House (X:1293 Y:1061),
(X:1862 Y:1615)
Shale Shale (X:2242 Y:1195

Monsters in the AreaEdit

Name Level Drops Spawns
Baby Bee 3
  • [[ ]]

Note: When you attack the pigs in Kelan's pig pen using the PK option, if you lose, a funny secret will happen. You won't be affected, other than having lost a battle though, so don't worry.