Kanako School Water
Special Equipment Shadow Bow
Special Equipment Stats: Atk +25, Spd +19
Special Equipment Rank: 22
Special Equipment Description: A bow used by Kanako
Skill 1 Ice Arrow
Skill 2 Recovery
No description available.


  • Ice Arrow
    • SP: 32
    • Max Grade: 12
    • Attack Way: Near Attack
    • Description: Hurt Target With Ice Arrows
  • Recovery
    • SP: 62
    • Max Grade: 10
    • Attack Way: Aid Skill
    • Description: Recovers HP continuously

How To Obtain

Quest 1: Meet with Kanako

Quest Requirement: None
Reward: Kanako's Comb(quest item) and Exp 500
Quest process: After curing an injured rabbit outside Kyoto, 
a girl will come up. You promise to find Nigiri Sushi for her.
It can be picked up in Kyoto or be purchased in the Stuff Shop of Kyoto).
Give her the Nigiri Suchi and the quest is done.

Quest 2: Hanging by a thread Quest Requirement: Need to have completed the quest of "Meet with Kanako".
you will find a boy and some guards battle them and then after the guards are defeated
a second wave of guards come but kanako come in and help you then beat these gurads and kanako will join you 
Reward: Kanako joins players'team
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