KaMa cave


The KaMa cave is located near the lake north of Welling Village. Some say that you can find an ancient scroll in its depths, but that it' s guarded by evil magic.

Connecting Areas

North Island (Exit) at (X:2702, Y:2455) Floor 1

NPCs In the Area

Name Location Type
Miner (F1 X:3962, Y:1935) Quest NPC


Quest NPC Coordinate
Miner Without Ore Miner (F1 X:3962, Y:1935)

Cutting / Mining / Collecting

Skill Coordinates Items
Mining (X: 3962, Y: 1935) Floor 1

Monsters in the Area

Name Level Drops Spawns
Earthworm 4 & 14?
Pink Earthworm 14
Tender Earthworm 13
Swollen Earthworm 13
Hard Earthworm 14
Big Tiger - BOSS 18

Floor 3 (X:?, Y:?)

Hot Spring in KaMa Cave

The Hotspring (X:682 Y:735) Heals your HP and SP 100%. If you stay in it for
Hotspring in Kama cave
30 minutes, your HP and SP meters will increase capacity by 10 points. this can only be done once
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