Holy Village is found on South Island, by defeating through the Troll guarding the Subterranean Maze exit, and heading



Connecting Areas Edit

South Island at (X:3022, Y:4735)
Holy Village(Main)
Holy Village(SW) at (X:202, Y:1895)
Holy Village(SE) at (X:3702, Y:1855)
Holy Village Props Shopkeeper at Holy Village(SW) (X:2042, Y:1055)
Holy Village Weapons Shopkeeper at Holy Village(Main) (X:1031, Y:1355)
Underground Cave (Holy Village) at Holy Village(Main) (X:1290, Y:541)
Underground Pathway (Holy Village) at Holy Village(Main) (X:2712, Y:295)
Backroom (Holy Village) at Holy Village(SE) Mayor's House (X:875, Y:1309)

NPCs In the Area Edit

Props ShopkeeperEdit

Item Price
Custard Tart 70
Cheese 100
Iron Sand 70
Lauan Wood 50
Ordinary Wood 30

Weapons ShopkeeperEdit

Item Price
Iron Sword 70
Adze 70
Light Clothes 100
Ghost Bracers 100
Grass Crest 130

Gold ChestEdit

Gold chest is located behind the Church near Bellman.

Quests Edit

Quest NPC Coordinate
See Individual Subsection

Collecting Edit

Items Coordinates
Bay Leaves
(loc 1)
(loc 2)
(loc 3)

(X:742, Y:1875)
SW(X:362 - Y:835)
(X:642 - Y:1875)
Brazil Mushroom (X: - Y:)
(loc 1)
(loc 2)

SE(X:222 - Y:1015)
SE (X:2842, Y:535)
Common Grass
(loc 1)
(loc 2)
(loc 3)
(loc 4)
(loc 5)
(loc 6)
(loc 7)
(loc 8)
(loc 9)
(loc 10)
(loc 11)

(X:142, Y:1535)
(X:1062, Y:615)
(X:1182, Y:1875)
(X:3862, Y:1035)
SE (X:1922, Y:495)
SE (X:1342, Y:875)
SE (X:2702, Y:1135)
SE (X:162, Y:1535)
SW (X:2902, Y:1155)
SW (X:1362, Y:1115)
SW (X:442, Y:375)
(loc 1)
(loc 2)

(X:2882, Y:335)
SE(X:3062 - Y:1355)
(loc 1)
(loc 2)
(loc 3)
(loc 4)
(loc 5)

(X:502, Y:815)
SE (X:1202, Y:1395)
SW (X:2682, Y:975)
SW (X:1302, Y:1135)
SW (X:1562, Y:735)
Paper Grass
(loc 1)
(loc 2)

(X:2662 - Y:715)
SW (X:2942 - Y:695)
Persian Mum (X:2362, Y:1695)
Pine Village Leader's House
1F (X:422, Y:555)
Small Daisy
(loc 1)
(loc 2)
(loc 3)
(loc 4)
(loc 5)

(X:542, Y:1855)
(X:702, X:1155)
SE (X:662, Y:1075)
SW (X:1582, Y:815)
SW (X:762, Y:1135)
Su Mushroom (X:3682 - Y:1335)
Sun Mushroom
(loc 1)
(loc 2)

(X:2582, Y:175)
SE (X:1842, Y:1475)

Location ImagesEdit

Common Grass
Common Grass 1

Common Grass (Loc 1)

Common Grass 2

Common Grass (Loc 2)

Common Grass 3

Common Grass (Loc 3)

Common Grass 4

Common Grass (Loc 4)

Common Grass 5

Common Grass (Loc 5)

Common Grass 6

Common Grass (Loc 6)

Common Grass 7

Common Grass (Loc 7)

Common Grass 8

Common Grass (Loc 8)

Common Grass 9

Common Grass (Loc 9)

Common Grass 10

Common Grass (Loc 10)

Common Grass 11

Common Grass (Loc 11)

Chrysanthemum Paper Grass
Chrysanthemum 1

Chrysanthemum (Loc 1)

Chrysanthemum 2

Chrysanthemum (Loc 2)

Paper Grass1

Paper Grass (Loc 1)

Paper Grass 2

Paper Grass 2 (Loc 2)

Various Mushrooms
Fungus loc1

Fungus locaion1

Fungus loc2

fungus location2

Sun Mushroom Loc 1

Sun Mushroom loc1

Sun Mushroom Loc 2

Sun Mushroom Location 2

Su Mushroom loc 1

Su Mushroom Loc 1

Mushroom Loc1

Mushroom Loc 1

Bay Leaves Small Daisy
Bay Leaves Location1

Bay Leaves Loc1

Small Daisy1 &Bay Leaves3

Small Daisy 1 (L)

Sm daisy loc4

Small Daisy location 4

Small Daisy loc5

small daisy location 5

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