Hayate School Wind
Special Equipment Spring Katana
Special Equipment Stats: ATK +40, SPD +28
Special Equipment Rank: 34
Special Equipment Description: For exclusive use by Hayate
Skill 1 Dark Assault
Skill 2 Deadly Assault
No description available.


  • Dark Assault
    • SP: 40
    • Max Grade: Unknown
    • Attack Way: Unknown
    • Description: A special mystical ninja skill
  • Deadly Assault
    • SP: 75
    • Max Grade: Unknown
    • Attack Way: Unknown
    • Description: A high speed attack on target

How To Obtain

In Yamataikoku go to the house with the ladder/stairs in front of it. If you see Miko and her people just ignore them and continue upstairs until you see "Female Ninja" to the left.

Hayate 1

After you talk to her she disappears and the General and his Guards come. They accuse you of stealing the scroll. After some talking they say if you can find another thief he'll believe you. (Seriously, another thief? lolwut)

After exiting the place go through the portal to the left. Head towards the question mark from there.

Hayate 2

Confront the Female Ninja and fight her.

She's a level 80 Fire. [Screenshot didn't save]

After beating her the General and the guards show up. Female Ninja explains that the scroll has already disappeared.

You are now a spy from other countries. Congrats!

But wait! A villager comes and says the General left the scroll home. Female Ninja takes this time to make her escape.

Talk to the General to get a 2 Holy EXP potion and star*1.

Head back to Yamataikoku.

Head to the house all the way in the back. It has an old villager standing next to it.

Hayate 3

Once you enter you get a cutscene of the Female Ninja - whose name is revealed to be Hayate (bet you weren't expecting that, huh?). It appears that Kurokawa is her master/lord/big douche, he wants the General dead. Hayate leaves in that smoke all ninjas disappear in.

Head back to the ladder/stair place.

Lion General is on the ground and Hayate is there. Oh noes.

Hayate 4

Confront her again. This time she's a wind lv 80. (Forgot to take a snap.)

Give her some advice that you probably didn't know you knew.

Kurokawa shows up. Hayate wants to leave him but he's saying, "Nooo, you can't. You must die . Blah blah blah."

Ninja's appear, let's fight again.

Earth Ninja(110) -> Fire(110)
Kurokawa(120) -> Earth(110)
Water Ninja(115) -> Wind(115)

(I can be wrong on the levels of them so please correct if so.)

Kurokawa leaves and Hayate disappears again.

Talk to the General and obtain a 3% EXP Capsule and a Glaze bag*1.

Go to Koyota/Japan and enter through the top left portal. Keep walking, keep walking, keep walking.

Ignore the caves entrance and keep going straight into the portal on the left of it.

Go all the way to the back - do not enter the entrace here.

You'll see blood underneath a tree.

Hayate 5

Click on it and Hayate will fall out. Afterwards the ninjas appear. Let's fight again. Not like we can't settle this with other means or anything.

Earth(115) - Water(115) - Water(115)
Fire(110) - Fire(110) - Earth(110)
Water(115) - Wind(115) - Fire(110)
Wind(115) - Earth (110) - Wind(115)

After beating them you need a recovery potion to heal Hayate. Once you give it to her she'll be forever grateful and join your team.

Congrats! You got a ninja.

Hayate 6
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