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Fridge }}

Item Name Fridge
Item Rank 23
Size 2x3
Item Type Furniture
Description Used to make an ice drink.

How to Obtain


Made With: Welding Tool.PNG Welding Tool
Make Time: 30 Min.

1 x Compressor
4 x Steel
4 x Acrylic Plate
1 x Sophisticated Device


  • Can store 10 food.


Item Time Materials
Ice Pack.png Ice Pack 28 Min. 10x Pure Water,
2x Cotton Cloth,
3x Linen Thread
Fruit Sundaes.png Fruit Sundaes 1 Min. 1x Fruit Juice, 1x Apple, 1x Banana,
1x Strawberry
Pineapple Popsicle.png Pineapple Popsicle x3 1 Min. 1x Pineapple Juice,
1x Pure Water
Apple Popsicle.png Apple Popsicle x3 1 Min. 1x Apple Juice,
1x Pure Water
Orange Popsicle.png Orange Popsicle x3 1 Min. 1x Orange Juice,
1x Pure Water
Syrup Popsicle.png Syrup Popsicle x3 1 Min. 1x Fruit Juice,
1 x Pure Water
Grape Ice Cream.png Grape Ice Cream x3 1 Min. 1x Grape Juice,
1x Pure Water
Peach Ice Cream.png Peach Ice Cream x3 1 Min. 1x Peach Juice,
1x Pure Water
Mango Ice Cream.png Mango Ice Cream x3 1 Min. 1x Mango Juice,
1x Pure Water
Ice.png Ice 1 Min. 5x Pure Water
Ice Brick.png Ice Brick 1 Min. 3x Ice
Snowman.png Snowman 1 Min. 1x Ice, 10x White Clay, 1x Flax Gloves