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Starting NPC: Evru[X:1905, Y:2196] - Welling Village
Items Needed: None
Reward: Boat Design x1, Persian Cat Shiba Inu Lala or Tabby Cat


In a Welling Villager's house, a maiden is surrounded by four pets (Persian Cat, Shiba Inu, Lala, Tabby Cat) . She says if you have the correct answer for the question; 1:5 toes, 2:Female, 3:Chicken. Then you can get one of the four pets. Shiba Inu is wind type- Lala is a fire type- Tabby Cat is water type- Persian cat is earth type. After getting the pet, there is a box, if you want the object in the box, then you must challenge Evru’s riddle again. The answer is zero kg as sheep don't eat meat. You will get a boat design.

If you get any of the questions wrong just click on Evru to answer them again.

Further actions:

Evru's Pets ( Express )