Eva School Fire
Special Equipment Evil Fork
Special Equipment Stats: Atk: +25, Matk: +25
Special Equipment Rank: 10
Special Equipment Description: A fork specially used by little devil.
Skill 1 Ghost Fire
Skill 2 Mess
Little girl from the underworld, also known as little devil.


  • Ghost Fire
    • SP: 34
    • Max Grade: 12
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: Summons evil flame to attack
  • Mess
    • SP: 62
    • Max Grade: N/A
    • Attack Way: Aid Skill
    • Description: Makes the target a mess

How To Obtain

Complete Charlottes quest and obtained the magic key. Travel to Inca and enter the cave on the right side of the beach, travel to u find the door with the lock use your magic key to enter. Then click on the vase in the red star and defeat spawning mummies and Eva. Best team, is high lv 2 waters 2 fires.

Eva has 30000+hp, water mummies only heal so Eva will be easier to beat.

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