Elemental Skills

  • Each player has their own element that you chose, and each element has it's own skill-set (Split into three branches. Physical, Magical, and Assistant). Using a skill, gives that skill more experience, and it can eventually gain more rank. Once a skill hits a certain rank, it can unlock a stronger version of itself.
  • Skills suffixed with "Attack" grow into "Hit," which in turn grow into "Beating" or "Bead," but not necessarily at ranks 6 and 15.
  • The chances of the seals (part of the Assistant Skill Branch) being successfully executed are based on the INT of the player. The higher the INT, the greater the player's chances of sealing the enemy target. Some examples of seals include: Freeze and Sleep from the Water element and terrafication from the Earth element.

Earth Skills

Rock Attack.gif
Rock Attack 7sp
Rock Hit 8sp
Rock Beating 11sp
Earth Attack.gif
Earth Attack 9sp
Earth Hit 11sp
Earth Beating 17sp
Rupture Attack.gif
Rupture Attack 13sp
Rupture Hit 16sp
Rupture Beating 23sp
Boulder Attack.gif
Boulder Attack 19sp
Boulder Hit 23sp
Boulder Beating 30sp
Jump Attack.gif
Jump Attack 31sp
Jump Hit 38sp
Jump Beating 52sp
Scurry Attack.gif
Scurry Attack 43sp
Scurry Hit 51sp
Scurry Beating 70sp
Rock Elf Attack.gif
Rock Elf Attack 9sp
Rock Elf Hit 10sp
Rock Elf Beating 14sp
Rockall Attack.gif
Rockfall Attack 11sp
Rockfall Hit 13sp
Rockfall Beating 22sp
Rock Blast Attack.gif
Rock Blast Attack 16sp
Rock Blast Hit 21sp
Rock Blast Beating 30sp
Rock Ball Attack.gif
Rock Ball Attack 23sp
Rock Ball Hit 28sp
Rock Ball Beating 41sp
Stress Attack.gif
Stress Attack 34sp
Stress Hit 41sp
Stress Beating 57sp
Megalith Attack.gif
Megalith Attack 52sp
Megalith Hit 57sp
Megalith Beating 77sp
Shield Defense.gif
Shield Defense 15sp
Wake Spell.gif
Wake Spell 21sp
Ice Out.gif
Ice Out 29sp
Stone Wall.gif
Stone Wall 110sp
Tree Bind.gif
Tree Bind 60sp
Terrafication 79sp

Fire Skills

Flame Attack.gif
Flame Attack 6sp
Flame Hit 7sp
Flame Beating 10sp
Sword Awn Attack.gif
Sword Awn Attack 8sp
Sword Awn Hit 11sp
Sword Awn Beating 16sp
Turning Fire Attack.gif
Turning Fire Attack 12sp
Turning Fire Hit 15sp
Turning Fire Beating 23sp
Fire Wave Attack.gif
Fire Wave Attack 18sp
Fire Wave Hit 22sp
Fire Wave Beating 33sp
Five Star Attack.gif
Five Star Attack 30sp
Five Star Hit 37sp
Five Star Beating 52sp
Hagendis Attack.gif
Hagendis Attack 41sp
Hagendis Hit 49sp
Hagendis Beating 67sp
Blast Attack.gif
Blast Attack 9sp
Blast Hit 10sp
Blast Beating 14sp
Fire Blast Attack.gif
Fire Blast Attack 15sp
Fire Blast Hit 17sp
Fire Blast Beating 26sp
Fire Ball Attack.gif
Fire Ball Attack 16sp
Fire Ball Hit 20sp
Fire Ball Beating 30sp
Rock Ball Attack.gif
Blaze Attack 23sp
Blaze Hit 29sp
Blaze Beating 48sp
Fire Combo Attack.gif
Fire Combo Attack 36sp
Fire Combo Hit 43sp
Fire Combo Beating 60sp
Fire Stone Attack.gif
Fire Stone Attack 54sp
Fire Stone Hit 64sp
Fire Stone Beating 88sp
Slowdown 17sp
Poison Spell.gif
Poison Spell 23sp
Fiery Attack.gif
Fiery Attack 31sp
Free From Coma.gif
Free From Coma 41sp
Mess Spell.gif
Mess Spell 62sp
Fire Attack.gif
Fire Attack 71sp

Water Skills

Ice Attack.gif
Ice Attack 9sp
Ice Hit 10sp
Ice Beating 15sp
Icicle Attack.gif
Icicle Attack 11sp
Icicle Hit 13sp
Icicle Beating 18sp
Water Attack.gif
Water Attack 17sp
Water Hit 20sp
Water Beating 27sp
Turning Ice Attack.gif
Turning Ice Attack 23sp
Turning Ice Hit 27sp
Turning Ice Beating 38sp
Frost Attack.gif
Frost Attack 32sp
Frost Hit 38sp
Frost Beating 52sp
Eddy Attack.gif
Eddy Attack 42sp
Eddy Hit 50sp
Eddy Beating 70sp
Water Pole Attack.gif
Water Pole Attack 11sp
Water Pole Hit 12sp
Water Pole Beating 15sp
Chill Attack.gif
Chill Attack 11sp
Chill Hit 13sp
Chill Beating 21sp
Ice Ball Attack.gif
Ice Ball Attack 16sp
Ice Ball Hit 20sp
Ice Ball Beating 30sp
Ice Elf Attack.gif
Ice Elf Attack 23sp
Ice Elf Hit 28sp
Ice Elf Beating 47sp
Thunder Attack.gif
Thunder Attack 34sp
Thunder Hit 41sp
Thunder Beating 57sp
Water Thunder Attack.gif
Water Thunder Attack 52sp
Water Thunder Hit 61sp
Water Thunder Beating 82sp
Detoxification 14sp
Cure Spell.gif
Cure Spell 19sp
Water Shield.gif
Water Shield 35sp
Freezing Spell.gif
Freezing Spell 49sp
Recovery 62sp
Magic Recovery.gif
Magic Recovery 26sp

Wind Skills

Wind Attack.gif
Wind Attack 9sp
Wind Hit 10sp
Wind Bead 15sp
Air Attack.gif
Air Attack 11sp
Air Hit 13sp
Air Bead 16sp
Cyclone Attack.gif
Cyclone Attack 14sp
Cyclone Hit 16sp
Cyclone Beating 22sp
Instant Attack.gif
Instant Attack 18sp
Instant Hit 21sp
Instant Beating 30sp
Wind Stress Attack.gif
Wind Stress Attack 25sp
Wind Stress Hit 29sp
Wind Stress Beating 36sp
Dead Wind Attack.gif
Dead Wind Attack 32sp
Dead Wind Hit 36sp
Dead Wind Beating 45sp
Wind Blade Attack.gif
Wind Blade Attack 13sp
Wind Blade Hit 14sp
Wind Blade Beating 19sp
Wind Cut Attack.gif
Wind Cut Attack 11sp
Wind Cut Hit 13sp
Wind Cut Beating 21sp
Whirlwind Attack.gif
Whirlwind Attack 16sp
Whirlwind Hit 20sp
Whirlwind Beating 28sp
Space Attack.gif
Space Attack 24sp
Space Hit 29sp
Space Beating 45sp
Sky Attack.gif
Sky Attack 36sp
Sky Hit 43sp
Sky Beating 60sp
Air Stress Attack.gif
Air Stress Attack 50sp
Air Stress Hit 57sp
Air Stress Beating 77sp
Speedup 15sp
Shield Smash.gif
Shield Smash 21sp
Unload Wall.gif
Unload Wall 29sp
Cord Spell.gif
Cord Spell 47sp
Unstun 52sp
Coma Spell.gif
Coma Spell 81sp

Hidden Skills

In Wonderland Online, the Water, Earth and Wind elements can learn a few hidden skills once the necessary criteria has been achieved. The following tables will display the hidden skills available to each element,

Earth Element
Skill SP Points Required
Acrolith Attack 96 116 INT, 9 WIS
Summon Mosquito 59 WIS, 40 CON, 1 STR, 58 INT, 30 AGI
Water Element
Skill SP Points Required
Free from Mess 82 42 WIS, 1 INT
Sleep 109 47 WIS, 2 INT
Revival 139 53 WIS, 1 INT
Recover Normal 179 58 WIS, 3 INT
Wind Element
Skill SP Points Required
Shadow Attack 39 85 AGI
Afterimage Attack 50 103 AGI, 50 STR
Storm Attack 62 124 AGI, 65 STR
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