Condition: Completed Goddess Skill quests, Minimum level 50.


  • Start by going to China and going to the top of the map to enter Jinjan Hummock [X:2700, Y:185].
  • Follow the maps until reaching the the yellow circle in #7.
    DS Maps
  • Upon reaching the yellow circle, you will see two dragon statues. Click on the dragon on the left and you will begin
    fighting four 'Dragon Guardians'. [Dragon Guardian, LVL:120, HP:10000]*4, no respawns.
  • After you defeat the dragons, a door between the two statues will be opened. Enter and walk through until you see an army of Stone Soldiers standing in front of you. Walk up to them to begin fighting. (In these fights they can all seal, use Hot Fire, and the archers can use Arrow Rain.)
  • First group: [Stone Soldier, LVL:135, HP:9500]*8, +4 respawns.
# Back # Front
1 Earth/Earth 5 Wind
2 Water 6 Fire/Water
3 Fire/Fire 7 Water
4 Wind 8 Earth/Wind
  • Second group: [Stone Soldier, LVL:120-130, HP:9000-10000]*8, +2 respawns.
# Back # Front
1 Earth/Earth 5 Earth
2 Water 6 Water
3 Wind 7 Wind
4 Fire/Fire 8 Fire
  • Third group: [Stone Soldier, LVL:120-135, HP:9500-10000]*8, +4 respawns.
# Back # Front
1 Earth/Earth 5 Earth
2 Water/Water 6 Water
3 Wind/Wind 7 Fire
4 Fire/Fire 8 Wind
  • After you have defeated all three groups, continue though to the next area.
  • This next part is a very tough fight with a time limit of 120 minutes, so a Delay Clock is recommended if you don't have a good team or are inexperienced with this quest. Also, Baked Potatoes and/or Attack Pestles highly recommended to drain SP.
  • Stats:
    [Dragon Spirit, LVL:180, HP:58000, SP:60000, Fire], +2 respawn [LVL:180, HP:58000, SP:60000, Fire], [LVL:186, HP:60000, SP:60000, Fire]
    [Shadowy Dragonkin, LVL:165, HP:58000, SP:55000, Earth, Water, Wind], +2 respawn each [LVL:165, HP:58000, SP:55000], [LVL:175, HP:60000, SP:55000]
    [Dragon Spirit Guard, LVL:150, HP:49000, SP:30000, All], +1 respawn each [LVL:170-172, HP:58000, SP:34000-35000]
  • Formation:
# Back # Front
1 Shadowy Dragonkin (Earth/Earth/Earth) 5 Dragon Spirit Guard (Earth/Earth)
2 Dragon Spirit (Fire/Fire/Fire) 6 Dragon Spirit Guard (Water/Water)
3 Shadowy Dragonkin (Water/Water/Water) 7 Dragon Spirit Guard (Fire/Fire)
4 Shadowy Dragonkin (Wind/Wind/Wind) 8 Dragon Spirit Guard (Wind/Wind)
  • Suggested Order: ?
  • Misc. Info: Speed above 4.2k can move first.
  • You can now continue on with Xu Fu's Trial if you proceed through, to obtain the DS Skill.


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