Target: Dinosaur Egg

Location: Oslya X: Y:

4th cave from the right

Collect a dinosaur egg from the bottom right side of the cave, then head through the top left portal.
Here a series of battles lay ahead, 8 battles with 8 raptors (lvl59-62max) in each fight. Once these have been defeated... head through the next portal. There are another 4 battles before completing this quest. The first, is a Stegosaurus Lord with regular stegosaurus, the second a triceraptoprs lord with triceratops, the third a T-rex Lord (10k HP) with two other regular T-Rexes, and the fourth and final battle is a wind long neck, with around 25k HP, and 2 smaller ones. I'd suggest a team of level 50s or higher for helping with this quest.

Reward: Arez joins team, 10% exp capsule
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