Quest name : Don't leave! Shasha! Condition : Have Shasha in team and Shasha must amity 70+

Death quest start--> 1. Go to Mayan forest at x:3722 y:3155...u will see the at it and dialog will continue

2. Go to x4062 y:2675 and click at the tile (shown in the dialog)...and go back to the will open... enter it

3. When you're in the cave, follow the map to the 2nd floor.

4. Follow this map to turn the switch, which will open the next door.Shashadeathp1

5. Now follow the next map to the door


6. Now just follow the map to the next floor.

7. Here you will find some ET's in their hidden basement, when you click them you will get asked if you agree that Shasha will leave your team. A fight will start. ( 3* ET's level 100 (9600 HP) all wind elements)

8. When you killed the ET's you will obtain a broken UFO device, and the ET's will dissapear. Now return back into the cave, but you will see the stone door is closed.


Now go to the statue, which has a '?' question mark.


Shasha will sacrifice herself to help you escape from the cave. You will obtain 3 stars.


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