Desktop Computer
Type: Furniture
Size: 2x2
Item Rank: 20
Description: Continues to create 5 items after setting time.


Allow you to list up to 5 different items to manufacture.

You can not make item's you do not posses the materials for, for example.

You can not make Naptha and then acryllic plate if you have no naptha.

No materials means not being able to make the item needed or could need, it is still in the exact same order as before.

Usage Notes

The Desktop Computer only allows deferral of manufacturing items. By starting manufacture of the items and walking away, clicking on "Confirm" to stop manufacture will store the item in the computer's database. Each item can then be assigned an incremental "course" number, i.e. the order in which the item is manufactured.

You must give the item's a "Course number" or you won't be able to create the items.


Made with: Brand Iron
Making time: 16 Min.

  • 1x Mica Rock
  • 2x White Clay
  • 2x Black Clay
  • 4x Quartz
  • 6x Gray Clay
  • 8x Copper Block
  • 10x Coconut
  • 12x Copper Ore
  • 16x Iron Ore
  • 60x Tin Ore
  • 64x Original Rubber
  • 132x Aluminum Ore
  • 426x Firewood/213 Original Wood/107 Wood


  • Item is placed in the inventory.
  • Can be placed on top of a desk.
  • Can be placed on actually everything you can place item's on, and it can be placed on the floor.
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