Location: X:1662 Y:1815 Cairo, Egypt
NPC: Khafre


  • In Cairo, talk to Khafre at [X:1660, Y:1800]. He offers to sell you a key for 30,000 Gold. Buy it from him (Key of Michel).
  • Head to the pyramids and enter the first large pyramid at [X:3440, Y:1720]. Now go to the top left of the map [X:900, Y:1100] to the key hole.
  • Open the lock and you will be in a room with the treasure. When you click to open the treasure a Sphinx comes and asks you a question.
  • The answer to the question is "Human being." Now you fight the Sphinx.
  • [Sphinx, LVL:120, HP:22500, Earth], 3x [Mummy, LVL:~87, HP:1150, Elements: All]
  • After the fight you can collect the reward.


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