Death of Roca's Father - 1st
Death of Roca's Father - 2nd
Death of Roca's Father - 3rd
Death of Roca's Father - 4th
Death of Roca's Father - 5th
Death of Roca's Father - 6th
Death of Roca's Father - 7th
Death of Roca's Father - 8th

Walk Through:
Roca stops you and asks you to let her say goodbye to her father before you go to South island. So you head to Kelan to her Fathers House [X:1642, Y:1515]. He is missing. You go outside and the guards tell you he went to Welling Village to talk to the Village Leader. You decide to head off to Welling to the Village leader's House [X:1142,Y:1435]. When you get there the guards are missing from door. You decide to see what's going on. When you get inside a Mystic Man is questioning the leader about a bluestone but he will be known as Frederico. Then Roca's father comes in and casts powerful magic that barely damages Frederico but kills him. When the scene is over you get Sagitariuos Star Sign. Roca leaves team. The second part of this quest is called "Start Off Again With Roca". You decide to Find Roca and go to Kelan. You find her [X:2562 ,Y:575] by the Kelan Rock cave Where a statue of her father was erected. You talk to her and she decides to rejoin you and find the killer of her father.

  • Reward: Roca Amity +2
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