Condition: Completed Curse of the Ghost Ship


  • In Athens, enter the bar at [X:968, Y:2568] and talk to the Sailor (the Bartender). He says Beard the Pirate has sent people to look for Kidd and that it is dangerous to go to Turtle Isle.
  • Go to Turtle Isle, (below Hanging Gardens) and walk over to the second collection of big rocks and walk inbetween them from the top [X:2680, Y:935]
  • You will be taken into Beard the Pirate's hideout. Go down to the next map and then walk to the '?'. You will see piles of gold on the floor and Kidd standing there.
  • Talk to Kidd and you will get into a fight with Beard the Pirate.
  • Stats:
    [Beard the Pirate, LVL:150, HP:20000, Fire], [Pirate, LVL:130-135, HP:12000-12300, Elements: All]*5 +2 respawns.


  • 1% EXP Capsule
  • 2 Holy EXP Potion*1
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