• In Rome, enter the building at (X:1942, Y:315) and talk to the Senate Officer inside.
  • Agree to help him and you will get into a fight (2x, Persian Army, LVL:80, 82, HP:6800, 6880, Elements: Earth, Water).
  • After that fight, walk outside and there will be a group Persian Soldiers there waiting to attack.
  • Talk to the guy leading them, and then you will fight them:
  • (8x, Persian Army, LVL:120,121,122,123, HP: 16500,16500,17000,17500, Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind) Back row all respawn?
  • After you have defeated them, go back into the Senate building and talk to the Senate Officer again to receive your reward.


  • 3% EXP Capsule*1
  • Forgotten Scroll*1
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