Clive School Wind
Special Equipment Agnailed Stick
Special Equipment Stats: Atk +9, Def +11
Special Equipment Rank: 10
Special Equipment Description: Clive's Special Stick
Skill 1 Rolling Air
Skill 2 Shadow Hit
No description available.


  • Rolling Air
    • SP: 13 SP
    • Max Grade: 8
    • Attack Way: Unknown
    • Description: Attack with a swirling current.
  • Shadow Hit
    • SP: 44 SP
    • Max Grade: 12
    • Attack Way: Unknown
    • Description: Kill the target from the back.

How To Obtain

At South Island (down) is a cave. You must have a boat, or an another sea vehicle to go there. Then, go in the cave. Go to the left upper part. There is a cave. You must fight there. In the cave are 3 treasures. Click, then fight. Clive joins your team.

Click the boxes for super-bonus gifts!

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