Charlotte School Wind
Special Equipment Fairy Armlet
Special Equipment Stats: MaxHp: +200

SPD: +200 , N/A

Special Equipment Rank: 44
Special Equipment Description: Armlet used by elves, adding Charlottes ability.
Skill 1 Thunder Ball
Skill 2 Vanish
No description available.


  • Thunder Ball
    • SP: 50
    • Max Grade: Unknown
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: A thunder ball.
  • Vanish
    • SP: 109
    • Max Grade: Unknown
    • Attack Way: Distance
    • Description: It makes you invisible.

How To Obtain


First you need to go to Snow Island, in the cave, and go to 6F and talk to the fairy. The fairy will join your team.


Go to Bankog and then to Bankog forest area near the temple, then go to Angkor. After that go into Angkor Maze, click on the gold plate and it'll move upstairs. Then the fairy will ask to leave you, select Yes and go into main town path of Angkor.


Once you're in Angkor, go to the building on the left side and go into it. Go to the left, then, in the forest, down to the right arrow and at the middle of the 2. forest you'll meet the Elven Elder. Once you talk to her, she'll ask you to find Charlotte. Now move back to the 1. forest and go to the other arrow over you. Then follow the arrows and you'll come to the top of the mountain. Jump from there. After the jump you see a cave. Go there and talk to the monster. Then Charlotte comes and fool the monster. Now go out of the cave and ask Charlotte to take you up the cliff. Then go back to the Elven Elder and talk to her. She will ask you to get a Ma Stone.


Now go back to Angkor into the building in the middle and go to the first arrow on the left side, then to the next arrow. Now go to the place under the left side with the arrow and you'll find a green key, which is needed to make the Eva quest. Then go to the arrow on the left side over you and go to the door. Now go down to the question mark, where you have to fight.


You have to fight against a monster of lvl 110 with an HP of 15000 and two small supports lvl 105 with an HP of 5500 to 6000. When each of this small monsters dies, a new monster spawns for 2 times (upper monster) or once (lower monster)

So total you've to fight against 1 lvl 110 (HP = 15000) and 5 lvl 105 (HP = 5500-6000) These small ones may use sleep skill so try kill water first which is the bottom monsters (since it spawns once this makes fight easy)


After the battle go back to the Elven Elder and talk to her, then Charlotte joins the team. (You can go play this mini-game and if u win u get a ring +200 speed and +MaxHP 200)

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