Connecting Areas Edit

Grassland at (X:2701 , Y:370)

NPCs In the Area Edit

Props ShopkeeperEdit

(X:1182 Y:1095)

Item Price
Crepe Crepe 100
Pepper Shrimp Pepper Shrimp 30
Fruit Wine Fruit Wine 130
Ordinary Wood Ordinary Wood 30
Lauan Wood Lauan Wood 50

Weapon ShopkeeperEdit

(X:1502 Y:1075)

Item Price
Forest Staff Forest Staff 660
Sea Armor Sea Armor 660
Copper Crest Copper Crest 660
Demon Gloves Demon Gloves 660
Iron Net Boots Iron Net Boots 610

Gold ChestEdit

Quests Edit

Quest NPC Coordinate
Aden's Gallipot Lady Inside house (X:2051 Y:1631)
Antique Mirror Asura Inside house (X:2228 Y:588)
Deep into the Pyramid Khafre X:1662 Y:1815
Don't wake up from the good dream!
Goddess Erina
Egyptian Acrobatics Group
Grown Plant Little Boy X:1302 Y:575
I want a Mantis. Boy X:1076 Y:612
Need Linen Emma Inside house X:3150, Y:1400
Secret Path Lily X:2062 Y:1995
The Ancestral Key Villager Inside house
X:2778 Y:1578
The Stranger never Eats and drinks Villager X:2462 Y:1495
The Wounded Sea Lion Sea Lion X:1160, Y:1675
TutanKhamen's Sanctum
What an odd kid!

Collecting Edit

Items Coordinates
(X: , Y: )
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