Brand Iron
Type: Equipment
Item Rank: 1
Description: Used on work platform to melt delicate materials


Item Manufacturing time Materials
Moonlet 12 min 2x Signal Line 1x AC Generator 1x Satellite Antenna 1x Precision Circuit
Sophisticated Device 10 min 4x Copper 4x Special Nail 4x Wires 1x Electronic Wire
Rectifier 10 min 1x Rectifier Line 1x Filtering Circuit
Transformer 12 min 2x Transformer Winding 5x Hard Aluminum Plate 3x Original Rubber
AC Generator 12 min 3x Winding 2x Wires 1x Iron Fillet
Precision Circuit 8 min 2x Electronic Crystal 4x Resistance 3x Capacitance 1x Winding
Small Generators 12 min 2x Transformer Winding 5x Wires 4x Capacitance 3x Hard Aluminum Plate
Small Engine 12 min 1x Ceramic Cylinder 3x Iron Material 1x Lubricant
DC Generator 8 min 1x Small Engine 5x Wires 1x Rectifier
Filtering Circuit 8 min 4x Capacitance 4x Wires 5x Resistance
Welding Tool 14 min 2x Iron Shell 1x Transformer 1x Sophisticated Device
Desktop Computer 16 min 2x Glass 2x Transformer 4x Electronic Wire 5x Plastic 3x Precision Circuit
TV 16 min 4x Glass 2x Transformer 6x Enamel Wire 3x Precision Circuit 8x Capacitance
Transceiver 12 min 1x Quartz 2x Clay 2x Filtering Circuit 3x Capacitance 1x Sophisticated Device
Game Machine 12 min 1x Electronic Wire 5x Wires 3x Precision Circuit 2x Plastic 1x Rubber

How to obtain


Made with: Pliers
Making time: 8 mins


  • goes into inventory when produced, then can be dragged onto work platform
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