• Vipeakanna

     Influence in the marketplace declining foreign countries constantly updated technology , the market continues to expand , leading to the development of our multi- crusher industry hard , according to the status quo crusher enterprises must seize the opportunity to accelerate technology updates , go green energy saving green development path , and strive to seize the opportunities for future development . vipeak  Industrial Crusher green energy industry in the increasingly sophisticated rapid development .

      In a low-carbon economy, in doing environmental protection while developing the economy , is the bounden duty of every enterprise , research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection products , become the focus of th…

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  • Vipeakanna

     Impact crusher success stories covering building materials, coal production , processing operations, refractories and other industries , for crushing medium-hard materials and brittle materials , such as limestone, various types of ore , dolomite , coal , gypsum, pyrites , feldspar , etc., Fangda Industrial crusher crushing efficiency high praise gravel users.

       Vipeak Industry Since the construction of absorbing a large number of broken technical experts, a lot of manpower trial and error , has accumulated a large number of experimental data, and accordingly continue to improve the internal structure of the crusher . Design and production of the crusher , its back rotor constitute the first device and the second crushing chamber , the ma…

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  • Vipeakanna

    Recently found on the web there are a lot of people are asking how much sand dryer ? Which sand dryer is good, seems to be the problem raised by customers, in fact, many manufacturers as a means of self-promotion . Because the price is not a mouthful of sand dryer can be said clearly. Purchase sand dryer, to consider the production, prices, there are a lot of ancillary equipment.

    Want to invest in the sand dryer manufacturers want to know how much money? Because computing is to have a standard reference , which was based on many of the issues hourly output of your machine and the production time effect, sand dryer facilities , etc. to decide, like say a capacity of 8 tons per hour the whole production line machine with dryer down on the hun…

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  • Vipeakanna

    Impact Crusher is the use of a wider range of the broken equipment, medium and small stones factory can be seen in its presence. Can deal with side length of 100 to 500 mm below the material, the compressive strength of up to 350 MPa. The new 1512 square big impact crusher and impact crusher heavy hammer to further improve the feed size , maximum feed up to 500 mm.


    Multi-cavity crusher crushing , impact resistance, seamless links to ensure its material under high humidity conditions , can still work smoothly . In addition counterattack crusher stone cube multi- processing , the material of uniform, high quality production out of stones , with a good level .

    Vipeak crusher model variety , the smallest is PF-0804, when the production capacity…

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  • Vipeakanna

      Vipeak Impact Crusher is based on special stone crusher on its essence, abandoned its bad poise came through improved design new impact crusher . Impact Crusher for mainly composed of sand production line , stone production line based device configuration process with the use of materials can be achieved directly crushed 1000mm prove its production capacity with the actual situation , to reduce investment costs. Therefore , impact crusher stone production line is not only right-hand man , its production capacity so that it can withstand the mining machinery market.

          Vipeak  Impact Crusher for your presentation is a versatile , multi-field, diversified equipment , not only can be used for simple stone crusher , you can also mix with t…

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  • Emmayilong

    Calcium Silicate Board.

    Can be manufactured according customer's specific requirement.

    For physical & chemical indexes, click here.

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  • Zoonyeecrusher

    REVIEW: Basalt is both hard and tough material , and has a high silicon content , are more difficult to crush in the actual crushing operations , or broken higher cost of materials. Therefore, the basalt crushing process to design reasonable , considering the cost of investment in the project , while the broken , we must consider the cost of production line.

    Basalt Materials Analysis:

    Mafic volcanic basalt belongs , is a dense rock -like or foam -like structure of the volcanic eruption ejected magma cooled and solidified at the surface formed . The main mineral components such as base rock feldspar and pyroxene , minor minerals olivine , amphibole and biotite rocks are dark , usually black , mostly porphyritic texture , pore structure, cons…

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  • Zoonyeecrusher

    REVIEW: by the time I liked the mechanical configuration of Zhengzhou Nissan 300 tons of river gravel sand production line in Xingtai perfectly settled . Currently, the 300t / h of river gravel sand production line has been put into operation, Xingtai City Hall this configuration line is also unusual satisfaction and look forward to the next one zoonyee cooperation .

    When configured by the Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery capacity 300 tons of river gravel sand production line in Xingtai perfect settle . Currently, the 300t / h of river gravel sand production line has been put into operation, Xingtai City Hall this configuration line is also unusual satisfaction and look forward to the next one Yifan cooperation .

    Hebei River gravel sand production…

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  • Zoonyeecrusher

    REVIEW : Sri Lanka granite crushing production line equipment configuration : GZT1148 rod vibrating feeder , PE750X160 jaw crusher , 2XPF1214 crusher , 2X3YK1860 circular vibrating screen .

    Main configuration : VI5000 Sand ( vertical impact crusher )

    Purpose : artificial sand

    Application: sand production line

    Broken Material: Limestone

    Area: Malaysia (Malaysia)

    Sand production line in Malaysia

    Sand Production Line : Malaysia is abundant in mineral resources , the production line mainly uses VI5000 vertical impact crusher for crushing limestone , sand . Due to its production of artificial sand material has excellent product shape , low flakiness content characteristics , especially for artificial sand .

    Sand making equipment features: The sand pr…

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  • Zoonyeecrusher

    Project Overview :

    Yield : 200tph

    Broken Material: Granite

    Application: granite crushing production line

    Application Requirements : construction aggregate production

    Production lines running time: 2013

    Area : Sri Lanka (SRI LANKA)

    Construction side : Zhengzhou Zoonyee Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Production line equipment configuration : GZT1148 vibrating feeder , PE750X160 jaw crusher , 2XPF1214 impact crusher , 2X3YK1860 circular vibrating screen .

    Background : With the world economy , and now every country in the development of natural resources are starting to focus on recycling this one. In order to adapt to the modernization of infrastructure, demand for raw materials has become our sand holds many lessons for the market, due to the lack of nat…

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  • Zoonyeecrusher

    In 2012, we once shipped 1 container PE400x600 stone jaw crusher  for our South Africa customer. Totally 3 units jaw crushers were loaded to a 20FT container. These crushers are now working in a construction site in Johannesburg

    our company is a professional and reliable stone jaw crusher manufacturer. More information about our machine, please feel free to contact with us by phone or e-mail at any time!

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  • -Inari-


    October 16, 2011 by -Inari-

    "Okay, so you've learned quite a bit of skills, some I know, some I don't. I want to teach you the right way to do the ones I do know. If you can do it right, you do it better and it's more affective. So, my question is, are you ready?" My little sister smiled as I spoke, determination blazing in her blue, oval eyes. "Yes. Yes, I am!"

    "Okay," I said with the same amount of determination in me, "Let's start off with Soul Dodge. I've noticed you get a little less strength than I do when you preform this skill." We both chuckled a little bit. Walking around, we approached a large, red beetle. So I got into my position, ready to strike, as did she. Looking straight at the beetle, I taught her a little bit about the skill before showing her a dem…

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  • -Inari-


    October 16, 2011 by -Inari-

    Aira was walking around the Holy Village, picking flowers wherever she could find one. After picking a small, beautiful daisy, she noticed three children laughing and having a great time. The first one, she noticed, was the leader. His eyes gleamed with great leadership and determination. He looked a few years older than the other two, but almost didn't act like it. The second one, who was a younger boy, seemed very bright and cheerful and full of curiosity. The last one, the only girl, was a very beautiful little girl with her blonde short hair and her green glistening eyes. She seemed very sweet and kind.

    Aira, out of curiosity, put her gatherings to the side and walked to where they were playing. The older boy noticed, giving Aira a big …

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  • -Inari-


    April 15, 2011 by -Inari-

    "Great job, Aira! You're really getting the hang of this!" I smiled at my little sister, who was quicky advanceing in her fighting skills.

    "Thanks, 'Nari! You aren't doing so bad yourself," she said, playfully punching my arm. I chuckled.

    "Ready for another go?" As soon as I had said that, I could see the exitement in her eyes. She was definately ready.

    We walked toward the area in the South Island where the frogs were, ready to take on anything that came in our way. Two frogs had approached us, as ready as we were.

    I looked at my sister, Airashii and her pet. She was standing in position, arms locked by her side and her young, slender legs ready to pounce. Kyoryu, her pet stegasaurous, was in the same position, ready to jump at any target to …

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  • -Inari-

    50 Edits! -x- Valentine's Day

    February 13, 2011 by -Inari-

    Feb 13, 2011

    I've made it to 50 (really 52 today so far) edits! Awesome!! I feel so proud of myself.. I just wish I could get to Level 30 that fast..

    Anyways, it's almost Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is a holiday praising St. Valentine. During his time, Europe was in a war, and the king told all men who were going to get married or who were engaged to go to battle, forcing them all to cancel their marriagement/ engagement with their loved ones. Soon, getting married at that time was illegal. St. Valentine secretly married lovers in hiding. (He also had a lover of his own. He would send love notes to her all he could. That's where we get the Valentine cards from.) He was found by gaurds with a couple who were getting married. He saved the…

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  • -Inari-

    When I PK

    February 11, 2011 by -Inari-

    Just a word to the wise: if you see anyone and they are constantly asking you to PK them and they say that they are a low level, trying their hardest to get you to PK them, my suggestion is that you should try to ignore them.

    Today, I was just doing my normal stuff. Trying to build things here, try to level up there, and someone kept following me. Then I noticed they were not only stalking me, but trying to annoy me with constant whispers saying "pk me im a lvl 6" over and over and over again. I would mention names, but that would be wrong and I can't remember his name..
    Anyway, I gave up and PK-ed him. When in battle, I put my mouse quickly over my opponent. He happened to be a Level 22. I quickly used Flame Beating, and had Xaolan use Sta…
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  • Ktenshi

    Better Way in Make Money

    January 23, 2011 by Ktenshi

    Hello, do you guys know any better way to make money (without use purchasing cards)?

    I usually open 7 accounts and starts auto-fighting stone monsters in kelan cave, but it take hours and makes me laggy :'(

    and yes i dont have much time to be so active in making materials/items cz i got school.

    Any idea guys? for fast easy money?

    Thank you so much,

    Love you

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  • Pokemonluver14

    i'm think of getting one of them for now which one should i get?? i have sam and i met kanako??

    you can pick XD

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  • Flameboy10


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  • Lleriall

    The history of Yamataikoku

    February 24, 2010 by Lleriall

    The History of Yamataikoku

    Location: Yamataikoku NPC: Villager Condition: None Process: A villager in Yamataikoku wants to quiz you on the history of the village.

    1.?What's the Queen's of Yamataikoku name?

    √ Himiko

    2.Who was the first ruler of Yamataikoku?

    √ Schizofrenic

    3.From which part of the Orachi did the

    schizophrenic ruler take the Cloudy Sword?

    √ Tail

    4.What's is Yamataikoku famous for?

    √ Curse

    5.Which country does Yamataikoku import most of its Iron from?

    √ Korean Peninsula

    6.Who was the last monarch of Yamataikoku?

    √ Yixin

    Reward: Star*1

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  • FereWulf

    Wulf's Been Lost and Found

    January 17, 2010 by FereWulf

    I've been away from the WLO "scene" for a time (focusing on RPG Maker instead on an off) and there sure have been a lot of changes, including most of my WLO friends long moved away. And Version 5 already? Wow! So now I'm back and realise that there's still a long way to go get past Level 33 and beyond. I'll also try to actively contribute here, as and when I can. It's good to be "back".

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  • Whitesun

    Egyptian Quests.

    December 15, 2009 by Whitesun

    I ben working on modifying the Egypts Quests and adding more into the wiki with walkthru. Feel free to take a look.

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  • BoD decide.

    September 27, 2009 by BoD

    I'm going to start a blog, and I'm going to give you ideas right now. There are five, and in comments, say which one you want me to blog on.

    1. Bursting
    2. Items
    3. Money & Selling
    4. Monsters
    5. Friends
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  • Ashalina


    July 3, 2009 by Ashalina

    i really hate how everything takes so long!


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