• Location: Athens
  • Speak to Akii in the Fisherman's Home near the docks, he will tell you about the beast trainer.
  • Now walk to the back of the city and into the Opera House (far back right). Continue in through this area into the next, and then the next again.
  • In this area, go to the left of the map to find a trap door, open it. Walk down and you will get to where the Triple Headed Dog is (Cerberus). Start the fight.
  • Stats:
    [Tripleheaded Dog, LVL:175, HP:48560, Earth], [Cerberus, LVL:145, HP:25350, All]*6 +5 respawns
  • Based on Team Spd.
  • Formation:
# Back # Front
1 X 5 Earth
2 Tripleheaded Dog (Earth) 6 Water/Fire/Fire
3 Fire/Wind 7 Wind
4 Water/Water 8 Earth/Earth


  • 5% EXP Capsule*1
  • 3 Holy EXP Potion*1
  • Glaze Bag*2
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