Condition: Completed Orachi


  • In Yamataikoku, enter the Inn [X:1500, Y:775] and you will see Sharon sitting at a table, talk to him and he will leave.
  • Now head west and exit Yamataikoku into the Yamataikoku Suburb [X:200, Y:1150]. Continue through into the Cave 'Forbidden Area' and walk to [X:3000, Y:400].
  • You will see Sharon standing there, talk to him and you will start fighting with him. He will 1 hit you for 9999 damage (you won't lose exp) as part of the quest.
  • After you die, Himiko will come and Sharon turns into the Nine-tail Fox and you will instantly start fighting it - without a chance to heal.
  • It's best to log out as soon as the Nine-tail Fox fight begins, and heal up before going back to fight it. They all seal almost every single turn, so Knight JS is recommended.
  • Stats:
    [Nine-tail Fox, LVL:180, HP:49580, Earth], [Nine-tail Fox, LVL:150, HP:25150, All]*6 +3 respawns
    Both earths and the wind and the boss have no respawn, the two waters and one fire have one respawn each.
  • Formation:
# Back # Front
1 X 5 (Earth)
2 Nine-tail Fox* (Earth) 6 (Fire/Wind)
3 (Water/Fire) 7 (Earth)
4 (Wind) 8 (Water/Water)
  • (Quest is a required part of Kanako's death)


  • 5% EXP Capsule*1
  • EXP +10000
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