During a battle, when it's your turn, several boxes surround your character.
These boxes tell your character what to do during battle.
  • Defense
    • Shield on the very top of your characters head.
    • This defends yourself against an opponents attack. Although it may not protect you entirely, it does help.
  • Catch (?)
    • The hand grabbing an item next to the shield.
    • This allows you to catch your opponent. If you are successful, the opponent will become apart of your team, and will be your pet. NOTE: This doesn't always work with all opponents you fight with. There are some restrictions here and there
  • Run Away
    • The box below the Catch box with an image of a person running away, crying.
    • When you click this box, your character will flee from battle. This isn't always successful, however.
  • Items
    • The sack to the bottom left of the Flee box.
    • This will allow you to use whatever you have in your inventory. You can heal, equip, etc.
  • Auto
    • The box to the left of the Item button. Says "Auto".
    • This allows you to sit back and relax while your character automaticly battles for you instead of clicking buttons every time it is your turn. You can turn it off by clicking the same auto box on the bottom right of your window.
  • Attack
    • The box with a sword. Above the Auto box.
    • This is a basic, physical attack.
  • Special Attack
    • A blue wand above the Attack box.
    • This enables you to use special attacks. These attacks use up special attack points (the blue bar under your health bar) and can be physical, magical, and assistant type attacks. Special attacks differ with whatever element you have chosen.
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